Good night!

I mentioned I might not post due to a family reunion. We enjoyed spending time with my Grandpa and Grandma Hoover, their eleven children, all but four of their grandchildren, and many great grandchildren for about 250 people total. But I can’t resist sharing two unique photos that might not be common at every family gathering.

The twins in the family:

My nephew Tony was sick so his twin Zach is alone in the striped shirt. There are seven sets of great-grandchildren twins!

The “I had heart surgery as a baby” group:

Almost certainly these three would not have survived long without surgery, my niece Lucia being the most recent.

What a blessing!

Good night.

(Sadly, no word on the train conductor. I do have a few other leads if I never hear back. One of my leads informed me that the mystery person is a conductor, not an engineer.)

9 thoughts on “Good night!”

  1. Thanks for sharing these pics. Two lovely ladies there that I haven’t seen in a long long time! Do any of the twins belong to Lisa or Lila? ☺

  2. What fun! Tell me. You always hear debates about whether”twinhood” is passed through the males or females of the family. Is there a pattern here? Celebrate Easter today!

    1. Not sure that there is! About half girl cousins and half boy cousins that have had the twins.

  3. Christine Martin

    How astounding to see my nephew Phil’s Lisa on your photo! I never realized you were related to her family! I thought I didn’t “know you from Adam” but have always enjoyed your God-honoring, thought-provoking, well-written blogs ever since my niece (on my husband’s side) introduced them to me. So are you and Lisa first cousins??

    1. We are! Thank you for telling a little bit of your story! Phil was someone Marnell knew since they went to SMBI together.

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