20 Minutes on Thanksgiving

I invite your family to visit the refugees with my photographer and I, next Thursday, when everyone in your family moves from the kitchen to the couches.

You can read Faces of Syria in just 20 minutes.  The person standing behind the couch can see the photos while you read the quotes out loud.

Faces of Syria is for your Thanksgiving dinner cook…

…and your uncle who loves history…


Your teenager…


…and your grandma…

…your grade school child…

…and that child’s teacher…

…your brothers out in the back yard…

…your cousin who knows everything about geography…

…your aunt who is already planning Christmas…


…and your own thoughts about the Syrian refugees.


Photographer Rosetta and I feel a burden for people to see the reality of what we saw, and hear the words that we heard, because we believe that people will feel what we felt.

There is no better time than Thanksgiving.

(The best way to order is on-line, and you will be directed to the publisher’s website if you click on the book cover below. Proceeds from this Anabaptist publishing house benefit people in need all over the world.)

*Original post edited to crop adult faces off photos for security reasons, as occasionally we told adults we would not put their photos on-line. The very first photo I have documentation that the woman had no problem with photos.*

Final Cover

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