Top Scorers, Random Winner, and the word “obtuse”

Congratulations to everyone who was brave enough to take this difficult quiz!

Although the winner is not based on score, I would like to recognize Susan Hoover as the only perfect 10.  The following people scored either an 8 or a 9:  Jennie, Tonya Maxwell, Sharon Martin, Troy, Vernon Horst, Mary Jane, Lois, Shiela Norris.

Honestly, a lot of people only got 2 or 3 right…it was a very hard quiz.  I’m with you, because these were a set of words that I wrote down as “unfamiliar”.

And finally….the winner via is Velinda Miller.  Congratulations to my good friend and adviser and manager of an immaculate, classy house on Laurel Street.

About the quiz word “Obtuse”:  Along with Velinda, both Dr. Halloran and Dr. Dickson agreed there was no perfect definition.   Although I maintain that dull is the best choice of the four, if you got it wrong, you have allies.

Thanks again for participating!


gold medal

1 thought on “Top Scorers, Random Winner, and the word “obtuse””

  1. WOOOO HOOOOOOO Yay for contests that don’t require perfection in order to win! 🙂 Thank you, Katrina! and Susan Hoover, you are amazing! I see now why your children have such an amazing vocabulary! 🙂

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