Talk Like a Surgeon (#1)

As an adult, I discovered that one of the first things that impressed me about people was their vocabulary. The perfect word, used humbly and as if by accident, is the shortest way to my heart. I realized after some thought that this, too, was about my dad. His command of words became my standard of excellence. There weren’t many people who measured up to his standard, and even fewer who exceeded it. (from the memoir I’m working on)

The words in the quiz below are actual words I’ve learned by listening to the daily conversation of Dr. Halloran and Dr. Dickson.  Note the term “learned”: I did not know what they meant when I heard them, so if you don’t know them either, join the crowd. Your results will not be posted publicly…unless you’re on the leaderboard!

I will choose one participant to receive a $20 Target gift card.  For now, it will be a random drawing, not just the people with a perfect score.

Update, 2/26/15: You are still welcome to take this quiz, but the drawing is complete!   See my next blog post for announcement of the random winner.

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Choose the best definition for each vocabulary word.

1. Esoteric
2. Litany
3. Gregarious
4. Salient
5. Obtuse
6. Acrimonious
7. Fungible
8. Charlatan
9. Acumen
10. Purview

Thanks for joining! Please record your name below so I can enter you into the drawing.  If you would like to get an email showing your quiz results, enter your email below.   (If I improve my computer skills, I might find a more efficient way to show you your score.)

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Press the SUBMIT QUIZ button above to enter the drawing.  Since this is my first attempt at a quiz, I am keeping my eyes out for technical glitches.  Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if something is not user-friendly.


9 thoughts on “Talk Like a Surgeon (#1)”

    1. No problem, I deleted the second Sharon. I’ll make sure you’re both in the drawing. Like I said, I’m trying to figure out the quiz program…several people’s quizzes appeared twice. Gracious, how are you both so smart?

  1. Oh bother…please don’t look at my answers. I feel as intelligent as the night we played scrabble and couldn’t spell denim.

    1. Please! I haven’t been looking at people’s answers, but I can tell you that no one has gotten a perfect score. That’s why I’m entering everyone in my drawing, rather than top scorers, because it’s a very hard quiz. Pretty sure I wouldn’t have done well. And I also don’t have anything more than very vague memories of you and denim…apparently it impacted you the most!

    1. No problem! The prize gift card goes to a random person, not the winner, so you don’t need to feel guilty!

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